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Maison Mère - Background

Maison Mère

a family story


I grew up in hotels, playing in the corridors and getting under the cleaner’s feet, watching my parents, the staff, the process and the guests.
Hospitality flowed in my veins and I didn't realise it. The fact that hospitality wasn’t my area of expertise but, at the same time, being steeped in hospitality culture permits me to have a new and naive perspective on this sector, allowing me to imagine my dream hotel.


Hospitality savoir-faire and tradition have been passed down from generation to generation. Maison Mère is the young daughter of the Belmont Hotel Paris****. This new generation hotel shakes up and reinvents the classic concept of hospitality to suit the needs of today’s guests. Maison Mère becomes an authentic, connected, attentive and kind house full of friends, transforming the hospitality experience and way of life.

Maison Mère - Paris view
Maison Mère - Background


Hybrid and evolving space

Designed like an actual home, every space is personalised and authentic. Different materials, furniture, accessories, colours and sounds are used to define a clear identity for every living place in the hotel, linked together by a sophisticated common thread.

Maison Mère - Background



She loves generous cuisine made with love, accompanied by natural wines and crusty bread. She is a connoisseur but not a snob.
She is sincere and spontaneous in everything from her decor to her choice of the projects which ignite her passions.
She loves sharing her Paris, the true Paris, without fuss and without hesitation, the Paris of cobbled streets, hidden places and fine local produce.


She loves life, people, her close friends, neighbours, favourite artisans, and distant cousins.
She invites, welcomes, opens her doors, offers her hospitality to ensure that her guests feel completely at ease and at home. Considerate, she welcomes you into her rooms, into her warmly convivial bar, into her heart.
She is caring, considerate and gentle, even regarding the bill.


She loves the unconventional, the original, the quirky. She is light, a touch whimsical, adores laughter and surprises.
She likes to share the simple pleasures of life. She loves chocolate, fine cocktails and good jokes.
She is fun, enjoys gentle teasing and making people smile. She is a breath of fresh air and thus exhilarating in her simplicity.


She is open, modern, sometimes even avant-garde.
She is curious about the changing world and draws her daily inventiveness and vision from the spirit of the times.
Dynamic and inspiring, she loves to tip a sophisticated wink, but applies this approach in small touches that never take anything too far or too seriously.


The hive of the neighbourhood, she welcomes Parisian bees and occasional travellers. Sometimes queen of bees, sometimes mistress of the house, she protects and unites her friends around authentic values.
She becomes your place behind the scenes, a Maison with a light mood and a big heart.

Maison Mère - Background

The district

Urban cocoon in the heart of Paris

Situated in the heart of Paris, Maison Mère is close to the Rue Lafayette,
in her favourite neighbourhood, the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

Maison Mère - train

15 min on foot to major railway stations:
Gare du nord (RER B (Roissy CDG) D, E, OrlyVal)
Gare de l’Est et Gare Saint-Lazare

Maison Mère - Subway

2 min on foot to the Cadet Metro station (line 7)
and the Square Montholon bus station (services 26, 43 and 45)

Maison Mère - Montmartre

20 min from leading tourist attractions:
Sacré Cœur Basilica, Opéra Garnier, Moulin Rouge,
Grand Magasins department stores, Place Vendôme, Pigalle…

Maison Mère - Village Montholon

Montholon Village

The hive of her neighbourhood, Maison Mère invites you to experience an authentic Parisian lifestyle in this typical neighbourhood, away from the tourist crowd.
Take a stroll and visit the famous attractions of the 9th arrondissement: the Rue des Martyrs, Folies Bergères Theatre, and the Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps department stores, and let our neighbours be your guides. They’ll be delighted to show you the authentic Parisian way of life.

Maison Mère - Bloc services ( carte )


Premium services

Adding to that home from home feeling, you can enjoy premium in-room amenities including blackout curtains, soundproofing, and high-performance technological devices.

Maison Mère - Bloc services ( carte )
Maison Mère - Bloc Services carte ( beta)

Top quality bedding
to enhance your nights

Complete darkness for
a great night’s sleep

Optimal soundproofing so
your dreams are undisturbed

Maison Mère - Bloc services ( carte )
Maison Mère - Bloc Services carte ( beta)

Bottle of filtered water
and coffee machine

Breakfast included
and room service on request

Found décor items

Super comfy
bedside seating

Maison Mère - Bloc services ( carte )
Maison Mère - Bloc Services carte ( beta)

Organic Nuxe hospitality products

partner gym
and home yoga class

Illuminated anti-fog

Maison Mère - Bloc services ( carte )
Maison Mère - Bloc Services carte ( beta)

Fast Wifi

Dynamic TV streaming
(Netflix & Spotify)

Electric and
USB international

Maison Mère - Bloc

And also

It’s not just a hotel…

Maison Mère - Background

The team

The most amazing family is the one you choose

Maison Mère’s team is the heart of the project.

Their unique and warm personalities help create the Maison Mère identity; a space that’s one of a kind, where you can meet, exchange, chill, wake up, and treat yourself.

Maison Mère - Background
quote Portrait of Sarah Valensi,
Marketing manager of Maison Mère
Sarah is the marketing manager of Maison Mère, she leads all marketing and communication projects. Focus on her background and her hospitality vision for the future!
quote Portrait of Aziz Temimi
Founder of Maison Mère
Aziz is the founder of Maison Mère, he imagined the concept and is recruiting his team. Meet this passionate of the hospitality industry of tomorrow...
More than a simple hotel, it’s an authentic and creative living place
Maison Mère is more than a 4* hotel located in Paris... focus on this new authentic hotspot!
quote Alexandre Danan
the decorator of Maison Mère
Alexandre Danan has imagined the decor of Maison Mère in adequation with the personality of its founder, Aziz Temimi, and with his human conception of architecture and design.
quote The Dissidi cabinetmakers
partners close to our hearts
At Maison Mère, we believe in unique furniture that adds to the atmosphere of a place. That’s why we chose the Dissidi cabinetmaking company.

Maison Mère is also...

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