More than a simple hotel, it’s an authentic and creative living place

Experimental hostellery is currently booming as well as consumer behaviors are evolving. New hotel concepts are slowly appearing everywhere and everyday, and Paris is obviously following the mood.
Awared about this social evolution and truly convinced that customers needs to be on the front of the stage, Aziz Temimi, founder of Maison Mere imagined a brand new and creative hotel concept.
Focus on Maison Mere, a 4* completely different hotel: an authentic and local living place, and an artistic house full of parisian creative minds. Opening in June 2020!


Premium amenities with a warm, kind and welcoming team

Maison mere hotel was imagined and designed to feel like home. As an extension of our own house, we easily move into different spaces to catch different feelings and vibes. 

Rooms are not simply designed as rooms but as little apartments, where you can easily invite people, connect with your family, chill by watching TV or simply working. All home furniture with a vintage touch was sourced by our tresors hunters. 

Everything was imagined to forget about classic hotel experience. You feel as good as in a big family or friendly house, evolving and moving into places like in a real home. 

photo credit : zoelaz

Maison Mère - Hey Honey ©Maison Mère - Hey Honey

New parisian cocktail bar and sharing food 

Hey Honey bar and restaurant is the new Parisian hotspot evolving and catching different vibes by following the hours of the day. It’s also a big neighborhood Sunday brunch meeting spot. 

You can easily come for afterwork sharing some cocktails and food portions with friends. As you will feel at home, you will probably stay later than planned before, switching from the bar to the restaurant, and sharing more authentic and delicious big homemade specialities . 

When the sun goes down, highlight on Hey Honey cocktail bar, the place to be of best parisian events : stand up shows, music concerts and DJ sets, perfect spot to dance and share a wonderful moment together. 

photo credit : modeldotcom

Maison Mère - Coworking cafe ©Maison Mère - Coworking cafe

Maison Mère, perfect workspot

Walking inside Maison Mère as your own home, you will sit on the most comfortable chesterfield coaches, perfect place for a team brainstorm or a solo work session. Designed to welcome all business travelers and locals, the place provides a super powerful WIFI connexion and a stream TV to fit all your needs. 

photo credit : shining lady

Maison Mère - Art Gallery ©Maison Mère - Art Gallery

Artistic home and creative spot 

Maison Mere's big pleasure is to federate people around common beliefs. 
Creativity is the heart of Maison Mère, and an artistic freedom is evolving and growing in every place : corridors of the hotel, shoebox rooms, and library place are full of artistic tresors and new creators concepts. 
During the year, many artistic exhibitions and events will take place to highlight all creative minds. 

All these different sides of Maison Mère are the heart of the place. Maison Mère is the queen of properties, dreamhouse made of meetings, and discoveries. Stay tuned on instagram @maisonmere.lovers... opening soon !

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