Kitesy Martin
Hip Hop yoga and upcycled jewerly

Both yoga teacher and creator of an upcycled jewelry brand, Kitesy Martin has dusted these two concepts once forgotten and now very trendy: yoga practice and vintage jewelry!

Kitesy Martin ©Kitesy Martin

Kitesy Martin
Fashion as a common thread 

Kitesy Martin is 36 years old, she grew up and lives in Paris with Enzo Lefort (professional fencer) and their 9-month-old daughter Indya. 
Both yoga instructor and stylist, Kitesy has, first, developed her skills for 10 years within famous couture houses (Balenciaga, Balmain, Chloé, Lacoste)... before finally launching her own leatherwork brand 5 years ago. 
Today this entrepreneur manages two companies with an iron hand: Humble Warrior (hip hop yoga concept) created 2 years and a half ago, and her eponymous upcycled jewellery brand Kitesy Martin, created one year and a half ago.


Maison Mère - Kitesy Martin ©Maison Mère - Kitesy Martin

Kitesy Martin Bijoux: 
A second lease of life to the sleeping jewels 

After her first leatherwork brand, Kitesy finally goes into one of her oldest passions, jewellery, with a brand new approach: give a second life to sleeping vintage jewels. The idea was to shake up the usual calendar of the fashion world, which imposes to create more than 6 collections a year to meet the demand of the buyers and the press.

She falls within a more ecological approach, without waste: ‘I started to make jewellery for myself because this is something I like for a long time. Every time my friends were asking me from where I got my jewels, and many of them were vintage jewellery inherited from my grandmother and mother. I rapidly wanted to hunt vintage jewelry and redesign them, so I started to disassemble and reassemble jewellery to make them unique.”
Her original and odd pieces are sold primarily on her website Kitesy Martin, as very limited capsule collections. 


Maison Mère - Humble Warrior ©Maison Mère - Humble Warrior

Humble Warrior
A second wind for yoga  

Kitesy has practiced yoga for 9 years. One day, she meets Dani in a yoga class, who will become her partner. Their paths have reconnected in a hip hop party where  they discovered they have three common features; yoga, hip hop and fashion. They then created together the concept Humble Warrior: a vinyasa yoga on hip hop music, which helps to let go. The idea was to dust this yoga practice by trying to reach a younger and less traditional audience. 
They collaborate henceforth with many studios like Cluster, le Labo, Le Place (Hip Hop cultural center) but also hotels, co-working spaces, as well as events organised by Nike. 

Maison Mère - Kitesy Martin ©Maison Mère - Kitesy Martin

Girlboss Mum
A house for two lives

Beyond those projects, Kitesy is also the mother of Indya, 9 months. When we ask her how she does to reconcile her life of mother and the one of entrepreneur, she answers naturally: like everyone else. “Even if I work from home, when I make jewellery, it is like someone working in an office. The only difficulty is to stop, or to know when to stop: I do not have financial stability so when I do not work, I do not make a living. It is up to me”.
According to Kitesy, a house, in terms of home and fashion, is something settled. There is something comforting, welcoming and sage… Something you can rely on. Family and fashion unite until the end of this interview! 

Would you like to do a Humble Warrior yoga class at Maison Mère? Or to participate in a jewellery upcycling workshop? Stay tuned on our instagram account to know more!