Discovering Street Art in Paris: an artistic journey through picturesque streets.

Welcome to the exciting world of street art in Paris, where the city's streets serve as canvases for talented urban artists. Join us on an artistic journey through some of the most picturesque streets in the City of Light, where every corner reveals a new work of urban art.

Follow this guide to discover the unique street art of Paris, from the top of Montmartre hill to the hidden alleys of the 18th arrondissement. 


Discovering Street Art in Paris: an artistic journey through picturesque streets. ©Discovering Street Art in Paris: an artistic journey through picturesque streets.

Begin your artistic journey in the Rue Lepic, located in the heart of Montmartre. Marvel at the captivating frescoes that adorn the walls, infusing the environment with a dynamic atmosphere. Take your time to stroll past the picturesque cafes, capturing these ephemeral works in images. Among the artists who have left their mark here, C215 trasnformed the street into an open-air art gallery.  

As you continue on to Rue Véron, you will find an interesting blend of street art and local history. The works of art here tell unique stories, revealing how the artists integrate Montmartre's cultural context into their creations. The street is home to many artists, including Jef Aérosol, who is known for his monumental portraits, inviting you to discover an exceptional facet of Parisian street art. 

James Garman ©James Garman

If you move on to Rue Germain Pilon, you will find yourself totally immersed in this world. The walls of this street are covered in a multitude of stories, oscillating between political expression and enigmatic portraits. Take time to contemplate the meticulous details and let yourself be carried away by the abundant creativity of the artists, including Stew, whose bold works are imbued with reflection and symbolism. 

Embark on a journey to Rue André Antoine, a little-known street in Paris filled with artistic treasures. The facades of buildings along this street have been transformed into open-air galleries showcasing the free expression and diversity of Parisian street art. You will come across the work of Invader, recognized for his playful mosaics inspired by video games, which add a playful touch to your artistic exploration. 

Maison Mère - Street Art ©Maison Mère - Street Art

As you continue to explore, you will discover monumental art installations on the famous Place des Abbesses. This public space has been transformed into a collective canvas by artists, creating a unique atmosphere that breathes new life into this iconic Montmartre square. Talents such as Miss.Tic, known for her elegant stencils and subtle wordplay, have helped to shape this artistic landmark. 

Finally, conclude your artistic journey in style by venturing down the discreet Rue Briquet. This street is reserved for art lovers and offers unique visual surprises with works that challenge convention and stimulate reflection. Take your time to immerse yourself in the creative energy that drives this area, thanks to artists such as Levalet, known for his intriguing urban installations that interact with the environment in surprising ways. 



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