Ingredients required for this cocktail  

For 1 glass you need:
- 30ml armagnac 
- 15ml Rum Fire 
- 15ml Mozart dark chocolate liqueur
- 1 spray of Cointreau  

For the blue blazer

Pour hot water into a shaker tin, then add a second shaker tin on top to create a bain-marie.
Pour all the ingredients into the second tin and add 20ml of boiling water. Pour the mixture into one of the blue blazer cups and ignite with a blowtorch.
Pass the liquid from one cup to the other using the roll technique, taking care with hand placement to avoid burns.  
Repeat the roll 4 times. 
Extinguish the flame and serve in a hot glass. 

Serve and enjoy! 

NB: drink quickly to retain all of this hot cocktail’s flavours.