A day in the life of an authentic Parisian

Discovering Paris ? All for it ! But in the midst of tourists, it loses some charm. You may not fancy having the same standard trip as everybody else, or eating shoulder to shoulder with a stranger in a touristic brasserie, or leaving without having met a single resident and got a taste of the local life. Here are a few very Parisian habits for you to try and experiment an authentic day in the French capital.

A day in the life of an authentic Parisian ©A day in the life of an authentic Parisian

1. Stroll around the neighborhood markets

At the heart of urban life, markets are convivial places. Paris counts 82 of them.

Closest to Maison Mère is the Marché d’Anvers, open on Fridays from 3pm to 8pm. These uncommon hours allow the inhabitants of the 9th arrondissement to get fresh supplies on their way back from work.

If you are looking for effervescence, go to the Marché d’Aligre in the 12th arrondissement, open from Tuesday to Sunday between 7am and 2pm. Beyond the large stalls filled with African and Asian products and the flea market, you will find cafés terraces in the surrounding square.

To buy local and organic products, the best market is the Marché des Batignolles. Every Saturday from 9am to 2pm, the merchants are happy to give you a taste of their products and share imaginative recipes. 


Maison Mère - The Phono Museum ©Maison Mère - The Phono Museum

2. Conquer the underrated museums 

In the streets of Pigalle, the Phono Museum harbours more than 140 record players and gramophones more than a century old. Will you recognize the instrument used to shoot a famous Parisian movie, La Môme by Olivier Dahan

At the Pavillon de Bercy, the Fairground Museum invites visitors to try all sorts of attractions which once enlived the streets of Paris before the carrousels of today.

In the Marais district, the Galerie Perrotin is strikingly modern. Like Maison Mère, it reveals talents : music shows, conferences, workshops, video and podcast productions happen in this hectic living place.


photo credit : ©mairie09.paris

Maison Mère - Paris by bicycle ©Maison Mère - Paris by bicycle

3. Go for a hunt in the thrift stores

Parisians did not wait for second-hand to be a trend : in the French capital, thrift stores come in hands. Some of them have become weekly or annual rendez-vous. A part of our team is browsing through these shops to unearth real treasures able to transform Maison Mère into a space filled with character. The website vide-greniers.org allows you to spot all the flea markets expected around you on a given day. Fashion enthusiasts will no doubt find happiness in the surroundings of Maison Mère : at 19 Milton Street, Florence Haddad welcomes all vintage lovers with her selection signed Rose Market Vintage

4. Ride on alternatives to the subway 

Within Paris, bicycle lanes are growing at a fast pace to protect cyclists and ease their journey. Velib’ Métropole provides 1 or 7-days passes which allow to use up to 5 bikes simultaneously, mechanical or electric. On the lanes, you can also ride an electric scooter. So long as the traffic rules are respected, it is a funny transportation mode much appreciated by Parisians.


photo credit : ©gq-magazine

Maison Mère - Bakery in paris ©Maison Mère - Bakery in paris

5. Pause at the bakery for a snack

Every Parisian yields to an on-the-go pastry from time to time.

Savour the pleasure to stop by at a bakery and eat your croissant (or whatever your heart desires) while contemplating the building facades or the Seine from the river banks.

In the 9th arrondissement, we like to stop at Mamiche (45, Condorcet Street), a typical neighborhood bakery with a myriad of delights. If you would rather rest, Hey Honey is the perfect spot for a quick snack or a comforting meal.


photo credit : ©spanishsabores


Maison Mère - Bakery in paris ©Maison Mère - Bakery in paris

6. Walk down the canals

The canals are frequented by Parisians when they want to walk or enjoy a lively evening. Follow the example of Amélie Poulain by practicing ricochets on the Canal Saint-Martin or dive into the young and popular atmosphere of the Canal de l’Ourcq, bordered with a range of pubs, DJ sets, music shows and board games at disposal.


7. Support the small cinemas

Cinemas in Paris evoke the Grand Rex, but also the small independent cinemas appreciated by the locals. The Filmothèque du Quartier Latin brings the 7th art to local life by hosting lessons, meetings with the artists, rare movie editions… The Escurial in the 13th arrondissement favours interactions by organizing short-film sessions in the evenings. The Max Linder Panorama, located boulevard Poissonnière in the 9th arrondissement, switches between blockbusters and auteur films in a three-stages room.


photo credit : ©studentuniverse

Maison Mère - Dinner with friends ©Maison Mère - Dinner with friends

8. To experience the authentic Parisian life, stay at Maison Mère

Maison Mère is a 4* hotel nestled in the heart of the 9th arrondissement. But mostly, it is a place of life where everyone feels at home. 

At la Maison, the authentic Paris unveils wherever you cast the eyes : from the furniture manufactured by our cabinetmaker next door to the local products on the menu of Hey Honey, our festive and hedonistic bar restaurant, and on to the pieces realized by Parisian artists, exhibited in the corridors of each floor. The house is full of subtle references to the Paris that surrounds it.

The interactive city guide made in Maison Mère, available in all rooms, is a reservoir of ideas for visits off the beaten tracks. In the common spaces, mingle with the locals who came to enjoy the coworking cafe or meet between friends at Hey Honey.

As our sales director Larissa Gúzman likes to say : “Mi Paris es tu casa”.


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